Identity infrastructure
for web3

Streamlining web3 experience for businesses and their users.


Connecting the next 100 millions users of Web3

Web3 login

Login with Web3 wallets like MetaMask and Wallet Connect.

Passwordless auth

Low-friction login with email or SMS passcode.

Non-custodial key management

Managed by our secure infrastructure. Users have total-control of their keys.

User management API

Flexible user management with few lines of code.


A wallet makes web3 accessible

Ditto is a crypto wallet designed for everyone. Onboard users new to crypto with just an email or phone number. Buy tokens and NFTs using Apple Pay or debit cards.

Coming soon
Coming soon

All blockchains & L2s

Niomon supports all major blockchains and L2s such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Immutable X, Arbitrum, and Optimism

Niomon Auth

Login with Wallets

Niomon Auth enables off-chain services to authenticate users with Ethereum wallets and ENS profile via the Sign in with Ethereum (EIP-4361) protocol.


Built by developers,
for developers

Niomon API and SDK enable developers to add secure login, transaction confirmation and key management to apps in a few lines of code.


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